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Hi, We Are BrightCodeX.

About Us.

We are superior in software development and assist IT individuals with a lot of advantage. We put our heart and soul into our operations as we try to help our customers reach new peak. We have competent, committed, qualified and experienced team in various field. With the help of our professionalism and excellence. We provide a service that will be worth every penny. So feel free to come to us.

Always Up-To-Date.

Our highly competent team always try to be ahead and bring more professionalism into their work. Always upto date about our client’s demands, and never letting them down. Perfection speaks through our work as our team put their heart and soul into it.

We Love What We Do

Having a team full of enthusiasm leads to the road of success. There is an old saying “do what you love to do.” We create thoughtful and purposeful websites for our client’s with all our heart. We try to do our best and we believe there is always a way of improving more.

What We Do.

An agency with broad experience and skills that will help your business in several ways. Without sacrificing aesthetic quality, we will bring your visions into reality. We are a team that will understand your business strategies, and come up with solutions to enhance it.

Brand Identity

Creating a visually appealing and stunning art for a brand or a company. Get a custom logo designed by professional designers. Our expertise arrange symbols, text and images in a unified way. We create eyecatching logos that can be the representation of your brand, in short simple and versatile logos.

Marketing Collateral

Our company will provide promotions as collateral with full security of loan replacement we know how to handle your situation and provide you the best offer we can

SEO Services

Build your search engine optimization foundation with the trusted experts and grow your business.

Creative Copywriting

Words have a magical power, through which we can engage the audience. SEO optimized content, which helps the public to understand your brand more conveniently.

Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing – we cover it all. Catering from small to medium and large sized companies we have created success stories from our every campaign and effort.


Let us help you create beautifully designed 2d & 3d illustrations for your business. We have got you covered when it comes to perfection in illustrating.

Web Design & Development

Creating unobtrusive and aesthetically appealing websites with the help of our professionals that are ready nto face any challenge coming in their way and finding solutions of every problem, as we want our websites to be the greatest assets for you.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX Specialization creates designs that are effective and easy to use, providing you with designs that are aesthetically pleasing and elements that are visually appealing.


Creating websites that helps the company to sell goods, and is user-friendly so the audience can buy the products by a single click. We help brands find step by step approach to face challenges.

Mobile Application

Creating flexible and user-friendly applications so it is not difficult to navigate. Great UI (user interface) and securing the application is also our priority. Applications designed for every screen size and platforms.

Get in Touch.

We will turn your investment into life-longing assets by taking your business into the next level.

Where to Find Us

Shaheed Shah Inayat Near Chappal Sun City,
Gulzaar-e-Hijri, Karachi
75330 PK

Follow Us +92 319 2056750

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